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Tales of Woe….and candy!
August 16, 2010, 7:35 pm
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I had an experience today, that despite my early post on being a Subway floozy, made me realise why I’ve never been much of a cheater. 

I was walking through Melbourne Central Station thinking about nothing in particular when out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of something delicious.  Something intoxicatingly seductive.  Something I wanted.  Badly.  It looked good.  It looked so good.  I couldn’t look away.  I turned my head to look at it, licking my lips.

The lolly stand.

ahhhhhhhhhh yeah.

And went through a thought pattern something like this.

Notices Tasty Stuff Brain (NTSB):  LOLLIESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wise brain (WB):  Come on, you’re meant to be on your way home from wo—


WB:  No, you’re not allowed.

NTSB: :*((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

WB:  NO!

NTSB: :****(  Plz?

WB:  NO!

NTSB: Hmph!

WB:  You have lollies at home.

NTSB:  But these lollies are right herrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee!

WB:  But you’ve already got lollies at home, and you’re already on your way there.  You can have the lollies you’ve got at home.

NTSB:  Nooooooooooooooooo – want!!  I could have one lot of lollies now, and another lot of lollies later.

WB:  NO!


WB:  DOUBBLLE LOLLIESSSSSSSSS!!  (Both brains high five at this point.)

WB:  Wait! You tricked me!  No, because if you have lollies NOW you won’t be hungry for the lollies at home and you promised them you’d eat them.

NTSB:  I never!

WB:  You did! This morning you said, “Ohh lollies.  I really want you soooooooo much but I can’t eat you now.  Don’t feel bad, I’m just full of oats 🙂  I promise we’ll be together when I get home later.”

NTSB:  That does sound like something I would say…

WB:  You did.  You’ve made a promise to those lollies. 

NTSB:  But these lollies are probably betterrrrrrrrrrrr……!  Look, they’re all shiny and different.    Mmmmm, sweet foreign lollies.

WB:  No, you’ve never eaten these lollies before.  You’ve eaten the lollies at home.  You already know they’re good.  You know how satisfying they are.  You could be disappointed by these lollies, and just be wishing the whole time you had the lollies that are waiting for you at home but then it’ll be toooo lateeeee…

NTSB:  Hmm…that is true.  Ah,  Unknown lollies!  Better the lollies you know.

WB:  And you’ve already put in all the effort to get those other lollies.  You had to pick them, go all the way to shop, work to get money for them, pay for them.  You should eat the lollies at home, why put in double the work for the same pay off?  You’ve already convinced the other lollies you should be together.  They are the far superior lollies anyway.  These lollies are way overpriced  and flashy.

NTSB:  Home lollies! Yaaaaaaaay!  Let’s go home!

*Half an hour later*

Brain:  :3 lollies 🙂

The end.


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So yesterday i said that i read your blog (which i do!) and that i’ve left a comment before (which i have!) but just to prove my awesomeness i shall leave a comment right now!

My NTSB is far superior to my WB. Though yesterday it was all like this:
WB: You’re not hungry, Vicki is getting something to eat, just live vicariously through her!
WB: Good choice!

Don’t go for coffee btw! You’re better than that!


Comment by Baschii

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